Battling wind and overheating in El Paso

Battling wind and overheating in El Paso

As we unplugged the RV and prepped for departure, we noticed some unusually high winds in the area. The forecast told us that we were issued a wind advisory, with gusts up to 60 mph. We had two days to go about 600 miles to hit our reservation in Phoenix, so we decided to head out, go slow, and pull over if necessary. We began the slow crawl southwest towards El Paso.

New to driving a high profile vehicle, we didn't go over 40 mph for the next couple hours as we got shoved around the road. With frequent stops and some white knuckles we made it to El Paso in a little less than 4 hours, and the wind started to die down. We are in the clear! Not so fast...

Driving up a steep incline on our way out of El Paso, the RV began to lose power and we entered limp mode with our engine temp red lined. We got it pulled over onto the shoulder but were in an awkward spot on a mountain climb with little to no guard rails. Another good time to have a fear of heights. Slightly panicked and not in the best area to be messing with our fluids, we frantically read the manual for suggestions. We gave it 20 minutes to cool down and gave it another shot. We made it to the top and coasted down the other side to a gas station.

We checked fluids and while oil was ok we noticed we were down a bit of coolant. We topped it off, said a little prayer to the engine gods, and jumped back on i-10. We made it another hour or so to Benson, AZ, where after a stress filled driving day we were ready for a much needed break. With Wal-Mart parking lot looking a little full, we noticed an abandoned K-Mart lot next door and took a spot by a median so we could even put our slides out.  It was just us and another truck or two that had the same idea.  With slides out and satellite signal we were able to stretch out, eat dinner, have a beer, and throw on a movie and relax.  The highs and lows of motorhome travel.

abandoned lot in Benson, AZ
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